Monday, November 3, 2008

MO-DETTES - 'The Story So Far' to be reissued

London's Cherry Red Records - which has become one of the premier labels for bringing obscure old new wave releases to CD - will reissue the lone album by The Mo-Dettes, 1981's The Story So Far, on November 27. You can order it here.

Although the album has long been a cult favorite among fans of both new wave and early punk, up until now it has never been released in any format other than vinyl.

At times, the The Story So Far found the band sounding like a darker, edgier version of The Go-Go's, with fiery, melodic pop-punk tracks such as Foolish Girl, Satisfy, and the classic single White Mice. Other tracks bring to mind The Raincoats and The Slits.

Fans who own a vinyl copy will want to pick up the re-release for the inclusion of a booklet with commentary by band members Kate Corris and June Miles-Kingston as well as five bonus tracks, including their final single, the power pop confection Tonight.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

Fandango / Satisfy / Dark Park Creeping / The Kray Twins / Paint It Black / White Mouse Disco / Bedtime Stories./ Masochistic Opposite / Foolish Girl / Norman (He’s No Rebel) / Sparrow / Milord / Bonus Tracks- Bitta Truth / Two Can Play / Tonight / Waltz In Blue Mirror / White Mice


rollerskate said...

waltz in blue mirror?? waltz in blue minor!!

Curty Ray said...

Ordered mine the day!! Cant wait

robert pally said...

Hi Oscar

Do you have any of the below?

1. The Durocs "Same" fine Pop from 1979 (with Ron Nagle)

2. Face Dancer: "This world" (1979) and "About face" (1980) great Power Pop

3. Iguana "The winds of alamar" (1977) fine Pop, Rock and Country

4. Meal Ticket "Code of the road" (1977) fine Pop, Rock, Country

5. Ginger "Same" (1979) and "Crazy night" (1980) fine Pop

6. The Heartbeats "Pulsator" (1981)

7. Neil Harrison "All dressed up an nowhere to go" (1974) fine Pop like the early Paul McCartney

8. The Dukes "Same" (1980) fine Pop

9. Key West "Love me tonight" (197?) fine Pop, Power Pop

10. The States "Same" (1979)and "Picture me with you" (1981) Fine Power Pop