Friday, October 31, 2008


I have seen David Werner remembered online for his contributions to 70s glam rock in the style of early David Bowie, but his third and final LP (the only one I have heard), 1979's self-titled release, sounds much more power pop than glam. That said, it's the harder-edged side of power pop with the guitars meaty, loud and up front.

There's plenty to rock out to here, but the album's most memorable moments actually come when it tries to branch out a bit. For example, Melanie Cries is a very appealing foray into 70s soft pop (it works much better than it sounds) and High Class Blues successfully attempts Stonesy blues rock.

It's not surprising that this album didn't reach the masses as nothing really stands out as a surefire single, but it's certainly a worthwhile listen for any fan of late 70s power pop.

David Werner - Self-titled LP, 1979

Track listing:
1 - Can't Imagine
2 - What's Right
3 - What Do You Need to Love
4 - Melanie Cries
5 - Eye to Eye
6 - Hold on Tight
7 - Every New Romance
8 - Too Late to Try
9 - High Class Blues
10 - She Sent Me Away


Anonymous said...

Great record..After all these years I still can't believe that it dropped off into an abyss. Tremendous guest stars, hot producer & great attitude. Had an eye to the future but it seems to have been his last hurrah..too bad. I hate to disagree with the author, but I think these are all standout tracks..the best of them is the Roxy Music tribute "Every New Romance". If only he'd taken off from that point and carried on in some capacity. He could have been the Bowie of the 80's. Ah well...

Mark said...

Could you repost this, am on a Werner binge, just heard Whizz Kid and loved it.

Anonymous said...

I bought his vinyl LP on Ebay last year, bought a USB turntable this year. Great riff on What Do You Need to Love; Thank God for USB turntables!