Monday, April 28, 2008

CD Fit for Vinyl: DAVE DILL - Follow the Summer

While the music of indie singer-songwriter Dave Dill comes in CD form, it sounds tailor-made for any vinyl-loving power pop fan.

Dill's latest album, Follow the Summer, flows with a cool 70s vibe reminiscent of power pop pioneers such as Badfinger and Big Star, while at the same time bringing to mind the most honest, authentic modern-day pop songwriting by the likes of Michael Penn and Matthew Sweet.

The album's artwork and title don't lie - this is is breezy, summery stuff - but not to a super-sugary, bubblegum extent. Most of Dill's melodies only fully reveal themselves after a few listens, making for an overall more rewarding sonic experience filled with a various musical textures, swirling harmonies and innovative instrumentation.

Highlights include Happily Ever After and Don't Remember, a pair of hook-filled, up-tempo rockers, as well as the melodic, Pete Ham-esque ballad You Don't Believe It and the dreamy, lengthy album centerpiece Follow the Summer/Pink Skies.

Dill's pure vocals shine throughout, often channeling Brian Wilson and always meshing perfectly with the warm, sunny music. Follow the Summer is perfect listening for a hazy summer day.

Pick up a copy at CD Baby or Not Lame, or download the album on iTunes.


The Beatles, Badfinger, Michael Penn, Big Star, Matthew Sweet, Jon Brion

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