Monday, August 25, 2008

'TIL TUESDAY - A Few Rare Videos

From the new wave-funk fusion of their debut LP, Voices Carry, to the highly sophisticated pop of follow-up albums Welcome Home and Everything's Different Now, Boston's 'Til Tuesday had a truly unique sound highlighted by the exquisite songwriting and singing of Aimee Mann and the guitar work of Robert Holmes. As much as I love Mann's solo work I keep coming back to the old 'Til Tuesday records for a sound I know I won't find anywhere else.

I periodically search for rare or previously-unreleased material from the band, and recently came across some excellent videos of a few songs that never made it to any of the albums. My favorite, Just Like Me, is an amazing keyboard-driven tune with a perfect melody that should have made it to an album. Enough to Save You is more thoughtful pop boasting some really nice guitar work, while Boy has the funk-inspired sound that ran throughout the Voices Carry album. Check out all three videos below. The look is unquestionably 80s, but the sound is timeless.

Just Like Me

Enough to Save You


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Meggsy said...

Fantastic clips, Aimee Mann has such a great voice.
Meggsy :)