Monday, August 25, 2008

THE CRYERS - Self-Titled Debut

Years ago I came across a power pop compilation that turned me on to a number of obscure bands that have since become staples in my collection. I was able to track down LPs and singles for some of these bands, but others I could never find much more information about. One such band was the Cryers, whose compilation tune, Shake It Up (Ain't It Time?), instantly caught my attention as a lost power pop classic.

A recent Google search finally revealed the band's entire self-titled debut LP from 1978, thanks to Power Pop Overdose. The album is enjoyable throughout with songs in the vein of the Raspberries and Shoes, and includes at least one other lost classic in (It's Gonna be a) Heartbreaker.

Check it out here at Power Pop Overdose. Also, check out the site of lead singer Lowry Hamner, who is still making music.

Track listing:
1 - Shake It Up (Ain't It Time)
2 - World's on Fire
3 - I'll Steal Away
4 - Just a Little Rain
5 - All Over You
6 - (It's Gonna be a) Heartbreaker
7 - Live to be Free
8 - Oh, I Get High
9 - Diamond Ladies
10 - I'm on Fire


musicobssesion said...

I first heard of them on my friends vinyl discs. Sounds good.

Mike Lechmann said...

Power Pop Criminals feature a Cryers song on their volume 6 Ultimate Collection. Thanks for the full LP!!!