Tuesday, June 10, 2008

THE SINCEROS - The Sound of Sunbathing

While I included a song from this record in my first Sinceros post as well as its complete follow-up LP, Pet Rock, in my second Sinceros post, I hadn't posted the band's first album, The Sound of Sunbathing from 1979.

So here it is - 10 tracks of fun with hints of Squeeze and various power pop bands of the era. The record includes The Sinceros' most well known single, the very new wave Take Me to Your Leader, as well as 60s-inspired pop gems such as So They Know, Quick, Quick Slow and My Little Letter.

The Sinceros - The Sound of Sunbathing (LP, 1979) UPDATE 6/09 - This record is now available on CD via Cherry Red Records. Go get it!

Track listing:
1 - Take Me to Your Leader
2 - Worlds Apart
3 - Little White Lie
4 - So They Know
5 - Hanging on Too Long
6 - I Still Miss You
7 - Quick, Quick Slow
8 - My Little Letter
9 - Break Her Heart
10 - Good Luck (To You)


Todd said...

I think these guys are truly one of the long lost treasures of the 80's. Thanks for the posts!

Darren said...

Brilliant songs, and until your post I'd never heard of them.

Cheers for this.

Glenn said...

thanks! this album is awesome and i couldn't find it anywhere else!

David said...

This is just wonderful! While I do still have the album on vinyl, I have no way to play it. This was one of my favorite albums at the time. The closest I got to see the band was when they backed up Lene Lovitch. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any way you could put up Pet Rock?

Franko6677 said...

Hi there, I did already post "Pet Rock" at the following link:


Anonymous said...

Franko667: Thanks, but I went to the link...it seems blank? Also searched the blog and came to same page with the right side static bar, but nothing else. Did I miss something? Thanks!! These "Fun Songs" made a difference in my life and thanks to you, I can listen to them again after 30 years. Thanks again.

Gorgo said...

Thanks for the work you've put in posting these gems. I'm currently converting my vinyl collection to digital, and trying to minimize the time spent on it by finding posts such as this.
Unfortunately, The Sound of Sunbathing link goes to an error message. My copy of this album is slightly warped on the first song, so I'm relying on finding a posted copy. Could you upload TSOS again, please? Thanks.

Frank said...

Hi Gorgo, thanks for reading. The Sound of Sunbathing has been released on CD, so we can no longer post it for download. You can get it at the below link or from Amazon, CD Universe, etc: