Sunday, February 24, 2008


I recently posted about The Sinceros, a British power pop act that released two albums, The Sound of Sunbathing in 1979 and Pet Rock in 1981. I also mentioned that Pet Rock is one of my favorite power pop albums of all time, filled with consistently great, 60s-pop-inspired songs.

In my previous post I included a few tracks. Below is my vinyl rip of the entire album. It's never been released on CD, and if you're a fan of power pop you'll probably find it essential.

The Sinceros - Pet Rock (1981 LP)

Track listing:
1 - Disappearing
2 - Memory Lane
3 - Socially
4 - Down, Down
5 - Barcelona
6 - Falling In and Out of Love
7 - Sleight of Hand
8 - Nothing Changes
9 - Girl I Realise
10 - As the World Turns
11 - Midsong


the Duke said...

Thank You Thank You THANK YOU for this great, informative post! You really said it all! A wonderful band, deserving much greater exposure!

Franko6677 said...

It really does amaze me how "Pet Rock" remains so obscure. It is SO much better than most of the popular stuff of the time.