Tuesday, April 22, 2008

THE CROCODILES - New Wave Goodbye

One of the first posts I made on this site detailed The Crocodiles, a New Zealand pop band that emerged in the late 70s with a sound that mixed new wave and power pop. Here's a vinyl rip of the band's debut record, New Wave Goodbye (aka Tears), in full.

The Crocodiles are best remembered - when remembered at all - for the song Tears, which was a hit in their home country. It came from the 1980 LP of the same name, which was released elsewhere the following year under the title New Wave Goodbye.

The album is full of energetic pop that switches vocals between various members - most notably Jenny Morris, who later became a pop star in New Zealand and Australia. It covers quirky new wave (title track, In My Suit, Working Girl), 60s-style pop (Any Day of the Week, Whatcha Gonna Do, Tears, It's the Latest) and straight-ahead power pop (Young Ladies in Hot Cars, Ribbons of Steel).

The Crocodiles - New Wave Goodbye (LP, 1981)

Track listing:
1 - New Wave Goodbye
2 - Any Day of the Week
3 - All Night Long
4 - Tears
5 - In My Suit
6 - Young Ladies in Hot Cars
7 - Whatcha Gonna Do
8 - Ribbons of Steel
9 - It's the Latest
10 - Working Girl

Split Enz, The Dugites, XTC, early Elvis Costello, The Sinceros, Squeeze


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Another great post.

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I did that all the time when I started, but then I got lazy and didn't know if people actually found it useful! Good to know that you do. I will start including it again.

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