Tuesday, January 29, 2008

THE CROCODILES - New Zealand New Wave

The Crocodiles were a new wave pop band from New Zealand that released two LPs - their debut, Tears, and Looking at Ourselves. Both albums were released in 1980, and Tears scored them a radio hit with its title track. See the link section below to watch the music video.

The music ranges from quirky, peppy new wave to more straightforward pop. Various members of The Crocodiles take turns with lead vocals, but the real star of the show on both albums is Jenny Morris, who went on to become a well known pop star throughout Australia. Morris takes lead vocals on only a few tracks on Tears, but on Looking at Ourselves she moves further into the spotlight, singing on the majority of its songs.

While I find Looking at Ourselves to be the stronger LP, it failed to produce a hit on par with Tears, and The Crocodiles dissolved in 1981. Before launching her solo career, Morris went on to become vocalist of QED. Her new band scored a hit with a revamped version of Everywhere I Go, a track that originally appeared on Looking at Ourselves.

Check out some vinyl rips I made from The Crocodiles LPs:

- The Crocodiles - New Wave Goodbye (from Tears)
- The Crocodiles - Whatcha Gonna Do (from Tears)
- The Crocodiles - Hey Kids (from Looking at Ourselves)
- The Crocodiles - Looking at Ourselves (from Looking at Ourselves)

- Jenny Morris - Vocals
- Fane Flaws - Guitar, vocals
- Tony Backhouse - Guitar, vocals
- Tina Matthews - Bass, vocals
- Bruno Lawrence - Drums
- Peter Dasent - Piano, organ


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tiger_mn said...

Great site!

It's also interesting to note that Jenny sang back-up on many INXS tours - I saw her twice on the Listen Like Thieves tour in '87.


Franko6677 said...

I had heard that. Very cool!

And thank you!