Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A few months ago I posted The Eleventh Hour by Tom Dickie and the Desires, a New York City power pop band from the early 80s. That album was the band's second and final LP, released in 1982. The year before they debuted with Competition.

While The Eleventh Hour dabbled in dancey new wave to flesh out its power pop base, Competition was more straightforward, filled with full on, high energy rock sing-alongs in the likes of Downtown Talk, You've Lost and Burnin' Up. Other highlights include the title track, a catchy carnivalesque ditty, and Count on You, a melodic pop tune reminiscent of The Cars.

While nothing here is groundbreaking, it's all pretty enjoyable, well-performed and ripe for discovery.

Tom Dickie and the Desires - Competition (LP, 1981)

Track listing:
1 - Downtown Talk
2 - Competition
3 - House of Mirrors
4 - Inside You're Someone Else
5 - On the Other Side
6 - You've Lost
7 - Count on You
8 - Everybody Knows
9 - Waiting, Waiting
10 - Burnin' Up


Anonymous said...

great stuff! I'd also love to have a digital copy of the first and only album by Susan, called "Falling in Love Again", a band that Tom Dickie was also in, tho I don't think he's on the LP...cool stuff, kinda like Raspberries crossed with Piper/Billy Squier, a few awesome songs, so if anyone has it or has seen it......blog away!! jim

Anonymous said...

Great! Many thanks

Frank K said...

Glad you guys like! I'll keep an eye out for Susan, Jim.

Anonymous said...

Good choice, Frank! Excellent production on this one, cranking things up in just the right places (like "You've Lost").

Anonymous said...

Tom was definately on the Susan LP, along with Ricky Byrd (of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts). It has an excellent album cover,too!

Anonymous said...

The song "Downtown Talk" is excellent (although "Competition is great, too)! This band had a nice driving New York City rock/pop sound.

John McClellan - 4 Minutes Of Fame said...

"Downtown Talk" is a great lost single. The band was managed by Tommy Matolla (the former Mr Mariah Carey).

Anonymous said...

You can find 2 of the Desires including songwriter Jon Macey at

Anonymous said...

Hello - The link no longer works for this album download. Can it be loaded again...or does anyone know where else I can find this one online? Thanks, Nick/SF CA

Anonymous said...

The original videos for both "Competition" and "Downtown Talk" are now posted on Youtube. Check them out!

Anonymous said...

I'd also love a re-up on this please!