Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slow Children - Self-titled LP and 'Mad About Town'

In a time that included no shortage of highly creative and quirky bands, early 80s new wave act Slow Children managed to stand out as one of the most unique and compelling. The duo - consisting of singer Pal Shazar and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Chinich - had a lyrical bite and attitude-drenched female vocals not unlike that of The Waitresses, but forged a style all their own on their two albums, 1981's self-titled LP and 1982's Mad About Town. Their most popular song was "President Am I," a minor new wave classic, but the duo released a number of other fantastic songs, including "Spring in Fialta," "Brazilian Magazines," "Late Night Transatlantic," "One More Trauma" and "Vanessa Vascillating."

After the band's end following the release of Mad About Town, Shazar went on to release a number of solo albums. In Spring 2010, she and Chinich reunited, began to write new material and even played a gig as Slow Children in New York City. Click here for more details.

Both Slow Children records have yet to be released on CD, but you can check out vinyl rips of both the self-titled and Mad About Town below. Both include B sides, extended mixes and alternate versions.

Slow Children - self-titled LP (1981)

Slow Children - Mad About Town (1982)


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Two great albums that need an official cd release.

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There is a new official Slow Children Facebook page that is actively being loaded with cool content by the band ( The super great news is that Pal and Andrew are at work putting together a third album of new material right now! Chances are very good that it'll be released in the Spring of 2016.