Friday, September 4, 2009

Expressos - Unreleased tracks

A while ago I did a post on the brilliance of short-lived British power pop group the Expressos and their sole record, 1981's Promises and Ties. Fronted by the charming Rozzi Rayner, the band sounded sort of like a cross between early Blondie and the Pretenders, and even though much of their material was just as memorable and appealing as that of those bands, they're sadly remembered by few.

Although they broke up before they could follow-up Promises and Ties, they recorded some additional tracks that have never been heard - until now! Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, some unreleased tracks have surfaced:

"The Hurt" aka "Hurt in Your Eyes" - This was to be the band's final single, and it's a shame it never got released because it's a stunner. It has a much more serious mood than anything on the band's LP and a flawless vocal from Rozzi.

"Rehearsals in Hollywood" - The song that would have accompanied "The Hurt" if it had made it out as a single.

"Johnnie B Bad" - Total 60s girl-group, sounding kind of like "Da Doo Run Run."

"Three Rs" - More pure 60s girl-group.

"He's Got Something" - A cover of the classic Dusty Springfield tune.

"Crazy Sneakers" - Very representative of the late-70s power pop sound, reportedly coming from a session produced by none other than Nick Lowe!

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Bill said...

The Promises and Ties album was incredible. OK, a few should have been major hits. Good choice here.