Friday, April 10, 2009

Pearl Harbor & the Explosions - Live in Oakland, 8/24/79

Head over to Wolfgang's Vault to hear a great show from short-lived San Francisco new wave act Pearl Harbor & the Explosions recorded at the Oakland Auditorium on August 24, 1979. Best remembered for their single "Drivin'," the Explosions blended guitar driven, jerky new wave with rockabilly and power pop, all carried by the unmistakable vocals and presence of singer Pearl E. Gates (also known as Pearl Harbor).

The band released only one album, an eponymous effort from 1980, before Harbor embarked on a solo career with 1981's Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too (1981), Pearls Galore! (1984) and Here Comes Trouble (1995).

This particular performance includes all nine tracks from the sole LP, most notably the infectious "Drivin'," the effervescent power pop gem "You Got It (Release It)" and the frantic fun of "Shut Up and Dance." The band also plays some covers, including Nick Lowe's "Let's Eat," "Black Slacks" by The Sparkletones and "I Can Feel the Fire" by Ron Wood. Throw in a couple originals that didn't make the album, and you have a set that gives you a better idea of what the band was all about than what was released on record.

Listen here

1 - Let's Eat
2 - Up and Over
3 - Don't Come Back
4 - Stop Me
5 - Black Slacks
6 - So Much for Love
7 - Nerves
8 - Keep Going
9 - (Get a) Grip (On Yourself)
10 - Drivin'
11 - The Big One
12 - Shut Up and Dance
13 - You Got It (Release It)
14 - I Can Feel the Fire


JeremyGood said...

What an obscure band this is. I remember buying the album when I was going to Berkeley from 79 to 83. I can't recall if I saw the band perform somewhere or if I just liked the sound. I must have played this album a LOT, probably well into the 80's, because I remember Drivin, Shut Up and Dance, The Big One, Keep Going, and You Got It like I heard them all yesterday. All my vinyl disappeared in the early 90's, so that would have been the last time I heard this music. I guess I'll have to buy a CD, I can't find digital versions/torrents to download for free or pay anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please can you repost it?? I'm a fan of Pearl Harbour! I have all her albums with the exception of "Pearl's Galore" 1983 version. I have "Here Comes Trouble" too, I can send it to you if you want! :)