Friday, July 11, 2008

Video Rarities

I thought about titling this post "I'm Not Dead, Part 2" because again, it's been a while since I posted and again, I blame it on being extremely busy.

Until I have time to rip and write about more stuff more extensively, I thought I'd post some very rare video clips from bands I have written about here. Oh, the things you can find on YouTube.

Click on the links to check out what I have previously written about these bands.

Blue Peter - Video Verite (live 1981) - A really energetic live performance of one of my favorite tracks from this Canadian power pop/new wave act!

Karen Lawrence & the Pinz
- Girl's Night Out (1981) - I heard there was a promo video made for this album, but never really thought it would surface. Well, here it is. Karen Lawrence (who now does bluesier stuff) in all her throaty, untamed new wave glory.

JoBoxers - Is This Really the First Time (1985) - This band is best known for the bouncy semi-hit Just Got Lucky, but in my opinion, this tune is just as good (and just as bouncy). It was culled from their second and final album Skin and Bone, which I still haven't been able to confirm was actually released.

The Reels - Prefab Hearts (1980) - This video by Aussie new wavers the Reels is just a tad bit scary (in a harmless 1980 sort of way), but the song is truly one of my all time favorite forgotten pop songs. Just try to get it out of your head. I dare you.

The Crocodiles
- Tears (1980) - Before New Zealand's Jenny Morris went on to a successful solo career in her native land, she had this local hit with The Crocodiles. A very catchy, well-sung pop tune.

Pearl Harbour
(live with the Clash) - Fujiyama Mama (1982) - The larger than life Pearl Harbour appears on stage with the Clash to sing this track, a Wanda Jackson rockabilly cover off her debut solo LP, Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too. At the time she was romantically linked with Paul Simonon. Fun stuff.


Uncle E said...

Glad to hear you walked away from the bright light, Frank. Great vid of Blue Peter, too!

jeffen said...

Excellent Clash footage!