Thursday, May 22, 2008


If you had a listen to the Laurie and the Sighs album I recently posted about, you'll have a good idea of what Sue Saad and the Next sound like. In the same way as the Sighs, Sue Saad and company take a high energy, not quite power pop, not quite new wave and not quite basic rock and roll but somewhere in-between approach on their one and only album, 1980's self-titled release.

The band is best remembered for the lead single from this LP, Gimme Love/Gimme Pain, which is a catchy mid-tempo rocker. There's plenty more memorable hooks on the album, particularly in revved-up cuts such as It's Gotcha, I I Me Me and Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love.

Sue Saad and the Next did not last long enough for a sophomore LP, but Saad went on to perform the theme song to the 1981 film, Looker.

Sue Saad & the Next - self-titled (LP, 1980)

Track listing:
1 - Gimme Love/Gimme Pain
2 - It's Gotcha
3 - Prisoner
4 - Young Girl
5 - I I Me Me
6 - Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love
7 - I Want Him
8 - Cold Night Rain
9 - Won't Give It Up
10 - Danger Love

Pat Benatar, Laurie and the Sighs, Scandal, Genya Ravan, Spider


Matt said...

I'm interested to hear this... I swear I recognize the band name from somewhere.... Were they on the soundtrack of a movie called "Times Square," do you know?

(I found your blog via Uncle E, btw. I'll be stopping back!)

Matt said...

Ah, nevermind. Found what I was wondering about. they were on the soundtrack for "Roadie".
I knew the name was familiar...
I'm listening right now, and I really like it. Reminds me, slightly, of Pat Benetar or, more slightly, Tom Petty.

Franko6677 said...

Hi Matt, thanks for the comments. If you like this album, you should check out the Laurie and the Sighs album I posted below this!

Gagarin said...

Sue was singing another 4-5 songs in movie Radioactive Dreams (She was also acting in this movie)

rahman said...

Dear Alls,
I owned the LP when I was in Belgium in 1980. Sue Saad and The Next was very "POWER". Miss them.
Rahman - Kuala Lumpur.