Wednesday, April 2, 2008

THE RECORDS - Rock and Roll Love Letter (12" Single)

Here's one from another of the superb power pop acts to emerge in the late 1970s - The Records.

The Records were a British band most remembered for their debut single Starry Eyes, which is undoubtedly a timeless power pop classic and what I consider to be one of the greatest singles in the history of rock 'n' roll. The band's non-LP follow-up single, a cover of Tim Moore's Rock and Roll Love Letter, is also brilliant, but much less discussed.

The 12" single also includes another track that never appeared on an LP, Wives and Mothers of Tomorrow, in addition to an excellent live version of Starry Eyes.

The Records - Rock and Roll Love Letter (12" single, 1979)

Track listing:
1 - Rock and Roll Love Letter
2 - Wives and Mothers of Tomorrow
3 - Starry Eyes (live)


Joe said...

Please provide the lineup of this classic power-pop band.

Rolf Chakras said...

I think the band at this point was John Wicks, Will Birch, Huw Gower, and Phil Brown. Not sure, but Jude Cole may have replaced Gower by this recording.

The Records were great, and had some big onions for covering a song made famous by the Bay City Rollers. When they covered it, the Rollers were laughable. Not so with the passage of time, and when heard side by side, the Rollers' version emerges as a stone classic.

hpilgrim said...

If you think this is good check out 2 even better singles Hearts In Her Eyes & Teenarama. John Wicks & Will Birch were from the excellent Kasual Flyers.