Friday, March 14, 2008

PAYOLA$ - Introducing Payola$

Payola$ formed in Vancouver, Canada in 1978 and included two key members - British-born lead vocalist Paul Hyde and guitarist Bob Rock (who later went on to produce various Metallica albums). The band started off as a rough-around-the-edges, punk-influenced act and transitioned further into new wave pop with each release. Their debut EP, appropriately dubbed Introducing Payola$, definitely represents the earlier, edgier style. That being said, the release is not without hooks and melody, making it digestible for those without a taste for punk.

Opener China Boys is a punchy, hooky tune that would later appear in an updated version on the band's first LP, 1981's In a Place Like This. The second track on side 1, TNT, is an angry working class call to arms. On side 2, Rose dabbles in reggae and Juke Box finishes things off with more punk energy.

Payola$ went on to release a few additional LPs, and scored a minor hit with Eyes of a Stranger off their 1982 album, No Stranger to Danger.

Amazingly, the band's material has not yet been released on CD apart from a rather meager greatest hits compilation. Check out my vinyl rip of the Introducing Payola$ EP:

Payola$ - Introducing Payola$ (1980)

Track listing:
1 - China Boys
2 - TNT
3 - Rose
4 - Juke Box


Uncle E said...

Ahhhh, the Payolas! When I lived in Toronto, these guys were the s*!t. And I'm telin' ya, get your hands on Radio Silence by Blue Peter, another great early 80's Canadian power pop band!
Thanks for another great stroll down memory lane.

Allan said...

thank you for this, always loved this EP!