Thursday, March 20, 2008

JOBOXERS - Just Got Lucky (12" Single)

JoBoxers were a British new wave group fronted by American singer Dig Wayne, and scored a minor, now mostly forgotten hit in 1983 with this joyful, soul-infused little number. Like the better-known Dexys Midnight Runners, JoBoxers had a street urchin type image, but produced crisp and bouncy soul-pop tunes.

Just Got Lucky also later appeared on JoBoxers' debut LP, Like Gangbusters. Despite a few other singles that were mildly successful in Britain, the group unfortunately never found a large audience and disbanded after the release of their second LP, 1985's Skin and Bone.

A JoBoxers best of compilation was released in 2006, and is available here.

The CD includes the album version of Just Got Lucky, but also check out my vinyl rip of the shorter, alternate single mix below. The B-side is a cool, jazzy track called Forget Me Love that did not appear on either LP.

JoBoxers - Just Got Lucky (12" Single - 1983)

Track listing:

1 - Just Got Lucky
2 - Forget Me Love


Uncle E said...

"Street urchin image".
A more appropriate description I can't imagine. England went through a Celtic soul phase around that time, didn't they?
I'll have to dig out my Dexy's and Commitments discs out now.
Great post.

Uncle E said...

Oh, and in addition to the Blue Peter I've spoken so much about, it may be worth your while to seek out Canada's premier power pop band of the late 70's, early 80's Teenage Head. Fun stuff, indeed!

Franko6677 said...

Thanks, UE! I will definitely seek out those bands.