Monday, January 21, 2008

VINYL GOLDMINE - Lost New Wave & Power Pop Gems - Welcome

Welcome, and thanks for visiting! The purpose of this blog is to drum up interest for some fantastic bands from the past (most from around 1977 to 1985) that seem to have been largely forgotten with the passing of time.

I love seeking out quality music from the golden age of power pop and new wave, when strong melodies, tons of hooks, raw passion and creativity seemed to be much easier to find in pop music. This music speaks to me more than almost anything that is being released today, and it's very satisfying to dig up bands that nobody else seems to remember. In fact, the more obscure, the better!

It's even more satisfying to introduce these tunes to others who will also appreciate them. Ever since I became the proud owner of an Ion USB turntable (top-notch product, by the way), I'm no longer limited to hearing only old music that record labels have decided to put onto CD. This ability has led me to countless vinyl gems of the new wave and power pop era, which I will write about in this space.

I hope this blog leads you to some new discoveries of your own, and I'd love to hear from you with suggestions of music you think I should know about, or just with your general comments.


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